We are offering Full service property management for your rental properties taking the headache away so you can relax while owning an annual or seasonal rental.

We pledge to make every effort for a hassle-free leasing experience:

We do not require 6% sales commission if the Owner sells during a tenancy. (They do require a 2% sales commission to help broker a sale between an existing Tenant and Landlord. And, they encourage Owners to list for sale with Lafferty Premier Waterfront and Estates for a discounted commission).

We do not require the Owner to pay for management as long as an existing Tenant stays in place after a Property Management Agreement is terminated. (They do require to be paid out for that lease term).

We do not charge a leasing fee on a renewal if the terms and conditions stay the same, the tenant pays on time and the relationship is amicable.

We do not retain the Tenant's security deposit if denied by the Association or from information obtained from a credit or background check.

We will:
• Negotiate terms and conditions of new leases and renewals.

• Hold security deposits and last month’s deposit in an escrow account.

• Collect, hold and disburse rents and other amounts due Owner.

• Handle Tenant repairs and other requests. Attempt to problem solve before calling repairmen. Obtain authorization from Owner for repairs costing more than $300.

• Walk through the property prior to occupancy and request a
"squawk list" from Tenants for the file.

• Walk through the property after Tenants move out to inspect

• Serve appropriate notices on behalf of Owner.

• Initialize eviction and damages actions on behalf of Owner.

• Send notice to impose a claim on the security deposit if damages. Refund Tenants in a timely fashion.

• Ensure property is clean and ready for new Tenant.

• File sales and use taxes on behalf of Owner for lease terms of less than six months and one day.

If you’re planning to lease or sell your home or know anyone who is, contact Kathy Nystrom at 772-559-1148 or kathnys@comcast.net.