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Don't Be Afraid to Be GREAT! We are currently seeking Real Estate professionals wanting to specialize in residential, commercial, site selection, and small business sales across the state of Florida. We are a Boutique Shop serving the needs of our clients.

3 Advantages to a Boutique Shop Are:

1. Entrepreneurial opportunities: Boutique real estate shops often foster an entrepreneurial spirit, allowing you to have a more active role in decision-making and shaping the direction of the business. This can provide a sense of ownership and autonomy, giving you the chance to contribute your ideas and make a meaningful impact on the company's growth.

2. Specialization and expertise: Many boutique real estate shops focus on specific markets or property types, allowing you to develop specialized knowledge and expertise in a particular niche. This can give you a competitive edge and attract clients who are specifically seeking expertise in that area. You can become a go-to professional in your field, further enhancing your reputation and potential for success.

3. Work-life balance: Boutique firms often prioritize work-life balance, recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy personal life alongside professional commitments. With smaller teams and a more personalized approach, you may experience a more manageable workload and have greater flexibility in creating a schedule that suits your needs. This can contribute to overall job satisfaction and well-being.

These advantages, make working for a boutique real estate shop an appealing choice for those seeking a more personalized, collaborative, and specialized work environment.

If you're a professional looking to work in an honest, specialized environment send your resume to: Or call 772-633-6345 to set up an appointment to discuss your future.

NO Desk fees

NO fees for copies

NO fees for paper

NO floor time


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Commission Structure for Associates

We are going to take Real Estate back to basics:

80/20 commission split and $45 E & O insurance paid quarterly. NO OTHER FEES! And we pay for your first set of cards and first yard sign.

Hear from our associates...

I don't know how anyone couldn't be happy with this commission structure.

Darlene Cetola, Sales Associate

I'm an agent with Lafferty Premier Waterfront and Estates and I couldn't be happier. The office is very comfortable. Mike and Colleen Lafferty are awesome brokers to work with. They have proven to be helpful and accessible whenever I've needed assistance. Whether you are a new or seasoned agent, I would definitely recommend considering The Lafferty Group

Deborah Palestrini

2019 was a great year. This commission structure is the future of Real Estate

Peter Nacion, Sales Associate

Lafferty Premier Waterfront and Estates wants to help our associates reach all goals professional and personal.